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Jul 17

Kindred Server Ep#31: Guardian Farm Expansion

Welcome to my thirty-first video on the vanilla Minecraft server Kindred! In this video I expand the Guardian Farm and do some creeper farming. Minecraft Forum post: Please hit that “Like” button if you enjoyed this video, and any comments (good or bad) are most welcome! Thank you for your time

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Sep 04

I Apologise For The Lack Of New Videos

I apologise for the lack of new videos recently. This has been due to a number of reasons, which have all now been resolved, so hopefully I’ll be back on schedule with some more regular updates! Firstly, around the time of my last video I was having a number of issues at work. I am …

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Jun 24

On To Pastures New!

Last night, whilst playing on the Fryx Minecraft server, I was disconnected, and was unable to reconnect for the rest of the night. When I logged in again tonight, the server had been reset, deleting everything that had been created since the last server reset a couple of weeks ago. To have this happen is …

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